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The Census is Coming March 12, 2020. Make Sure to Get Counted!

    • Census Day is April 1, 2020, and the U.S. Census Bureau will be counting people from March through July of 2020.
    • In March 2020, every household will receive a mailing from the U.S. Census Bureau with instructions on how to fill out the Census form online.
    • The Bureau will only visit homes that do not respond to the Census online.

What’s At Stake: An Undercount Will Impact Our Communities

    • The Census determines how an estimated $880 billion a year in federal funding is distributed for critical public services and health care programs, like Medicaid, Medicare Part B, TANF, CHIP, and Head Start.
    • In California, that’s $115 billion a year, or approximately $2,000 per person per year.
    • A failed Census could jeopardize billions in for our communities for the next 10 years.
    • An inaccurate Census could also undermine critical data and information our providers and health care sector rely on to keep us, our families, and our communities healthy and safe.
    • The Census also affects the number of congressional seats California will get, so an inaccurate count or undercount could directly result in loss of political representation and power.

 The Census is Safe and Secure

    • By law, your personal information cannot be shared or used against you in anyway, and can only be used for statistical purposes.
    • Title 13 of the U.S. Code requires your information to be kept confidential, and guarantees personal information will not be used against respondents in court or by a government agency.
    • The S. 1869 Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2015 keeps your data secure and protected from cybersecurity threats.

It’s easy. Respond Online and Avoid a Home Visit

    • For the first time ever, the internet will be the primary response option for filling out the Census. Individuals will be able to respond anytime, anywhere — online from any device or by phone or by mail.
    • Filling out the Census form is easy. You will receive a mailing from the U.S. Census Bureau with instructions on how to access and fill out the Census questionnaire online on their website.
    • After three mailed requests to complete the census online or by phone, only unresponsive households will receive a paper questionnaire and return instructions on the fourth and subsequent mailings.
    • Again, the U.S. Census Bureau will only visit homes that do not respond to the Census online.

It’s our responsibility

    • The U.S. Constitution requires that everyone living in the United States – regardless of age, race, and ethnicity, citizens and non-citizens – are counted every ten years.

Get counted. Get counted for our families, our communities.
AltaMed is here to help you get counted!

For more information, or to locate a Census Action Kiosks (CAK) where you can comfortably and securely access information, fill out the 2020 Census and receive assistance, email myvotemyhealth@altamed.org or call My Vote. My Health. at (323) 531-7741.